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1. Can my business flourish if I adopt to Vastushastra?

-A Businessman.

2. If I want to purchase a flat in Mumbai, what is the checklist for not getting cheated?

- A new flat purchaser in Mumbai.

3. I am a new entrant in the field of building. Tell me how much money I have to spend as greasing money to Government officers?

-A new upcoming builder.

4. I have pretty good drawing abilities shall I go for Architecture?

-A Higher Secondary student.

5.If i want to do the terrace garden of my penthouse shall I appoint an Architect for that?"

-A client.

6.Whether buildings listed under Heritage list can be developed?

- An old landlord of Bandra.

7.Which are the fields for specialisation, a fresh Architect can seek?

-A 4th Year Architectural Student from J.J. College.

8.Can an Architect prepare valuation report for agricultural land, industrial machinery, arts and artifacts/jewellery?

-An agriculturist.